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Doxa Sponsors and mentorsWhat’s involved for a sponsor company?

The social investment provided by our sponsors is returned to our Cadets. Every young person receives: financial support, an annual work placement and a professional development program.

Annual work placement

Our sponsor companies provide up to eight weeks professional experience for each year of the Cadetship. This is a flexible arrangement that is negotiated to suit everyone’s needs. Your company might prefer to offer the placement in an eight-week block, whereas others prefer a weekly arrangement. Our Cadets want to learn practical skills for their future in employment, that’s why tasks suited to them are typically entry-level, and relate to the industry they aspire to work in. This could range from contributing to projects to actually running them. Companies will also put forward a personal mentor to guide and support a Cadet through their journey of development.

Professional development program

Our Cadets participate in a Professional Development Program that is offered through a mix of residential and evening activities during the year. We focus on the skills and behaviours required for success in the professional world. A minimum of two training touchpoints occur each year and these are facilitated by our Cadetship team and a variety of special guest presenters.

Partners have the opportunity to provide subject matter expert speakers throughout the program. We also encourage partners to offer Cadets access to in-house professional development training opportunities.

Skilled volunteering opportunities

Our Cadetship program provides a fantastic skilled volunteering opportunity. Mentors play a very large part of a young person’s development journey. Sometimes one person will mentor throughout, other times companies provide different mentors throughout the placement. It’s different from being a day-to-day line manager – it’s about building skills and confidence in a young person.

Partners have the opportunity to recruit and select people with the skills, passion and commitment to make a positive impact. Being a Mentor builds new skills and experiences including:

  • Practical leadership skill development through the mentoring of a young person
  • Strengthened interpersonal and problem solving skills
  • Insight in to the day to day lives of young people
  • Increased opportunities to build networks with other Mentors, Doxa staff and other participants
  • The opportunity to participate in a disadvantaged young person’s development

Become a sponsor or mentor

If you’re interested in becoming involved in the Doxa Cadetship program as either a Sponsor Company or Mentor please contact us or download our brochure to find out more.