Our Cadetship Program assists talented young people through university and on to an employable future by providing financial support, professional development and annual work placements at leading businesses. We are looking for talented students completing Year 12 and seeking to apply for University in 2016.

Our Cadets are exceptional young people who may face challenges in their personal circumstances, but given the opportunity and support, have the ability to achieve greatness. Cadetship is about bringing what looks far away – opportunities, personal confidence, and the world of corporate work – closer.


  • All applications are to be completed by the student.
  • Please ensure you submit your application form with plenty of time so your chosen school representative will have sufficient time to submit their statement to Doxa Youth Foundation by Friday 30th October 2015
  • If you require any assistance in completing this application, please contact Jardi, Pip or Kumari from the Cadetship Program on (03) 9328 8100.
  • The closing date for both applications and school representative statements is Friday 30th October 2015

Applications for the 2015 Cadetship Program are now closed