Getting through university and into a job can be tough. And if a student is new to the city or hasn’t got an established network it can be even tougher. On top of this there are bills to pay and study to get through. Sounds hard right?

That’s where Doxa comes in. Our Cadetship program supports students through university and connects them with peers and industry professionals so that when they finish university they’re a step closer to the job they want.

What’s involved?

Our aim with these sessions is to build on the skills and behaviours required for success in the professional world. Cadetship also builds on networks of support so that young people from challenging life circumstances get the support they need to complete their university degree.

Does Cadetship provide students with a job?

While an eight week flexible work placement is part of the program, employment at the end of Cadetship is not guaranteed. Some workplace sponsors do, but it’s not a pre-requisite for supporting our program.

Who is the program for?

Cadetship is open to young people with challenging life circumstances who have finished high school and are about to go to university. Everyone is different, but this could be financial difficulty, family trauma, being culturally and/or linguistically diverse, being from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background, or  a refugee and/or migrant background.

How to apply and more information

Applications are currently closed. 

Please contact for any queries.

Cadetship is more than a scholarship or internship, it’s a holistic approach to the development of a young person.

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