Our Board has the responsibility of our strategic direction and ensuring good governance. Each member brings significant expertise gained from outstanding careers with some of Australia’s most regarded firms. We thank and acknowledge the Board for their generous gift of time and expert guidance.

Graeme Johnson OAM
Raelene Murphy
Deputy Chairperson
Fr Joe Giacobbe
Dana Bentley
Director / KPMG
Anna Kennedy
Terri Mandler
Richard Smith
Director / Mellar Marketing


Our Committees exist to support the Board. They are staffed by a mix of Board and Executive members and senior professionals from the Melbourne business community, each of whom volunteer their time. We thank and acknowledge the Committees for their expert guidance:

Audit and Finance Committee

Dana Bentley (Chair), Graeme Johnson OAM, Stephen Silk, Robert Pisano, Richard Smith

Remuneration Sub-Committee:

This was introduced in June 2016. Its members are those listed above as per the Audit and Finance Committee.

Strategy committee:

Terri Mandler (Chair), Graeme Johnson OAM, Stephen Silk, Ben Apted, Julie Andrews

Major Events and Key Relationships Committee:

Richard Smith (Chair), Stephen Silk, Anna Kennedy, Alison Polyik, Leah Paff

ACNC Registered Charity

Doxa is a registered charity, and is classified by the Australian Charity and Not-for-profit Commission as a “Public benevolent institution” and “Advancing public or social welfare”.

For more information on Doxa’s disclosures, classification and organisational governance, please visit our listing on the ACNC website.

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