Our Cadetship program supports talented young people from challenging life circumstances to complete university and gain the skills needed for an employable future.

Cadetship Program Partners can play a vital role in this journey – one which many young people describe as life-changing. And to corporate partners and mentors, it’s life-changing for them too.


We work with young people from a range of challenging life circumstances. Many will face socio-economic disadvantage, whilst others may be from a newly arrived migrant and/or refugee background.

These challenges are also often coupled with a lack of confidence and access to positive role models.

That’s why we need organisations and people like you. Organisations who will give a young person a start and allow them to put their life challenges aside as they move towards a bright and employable future.


  • Professional development in mentoring, people management, interpersonal and problem-solving skills
  • Skilled volunteering for staff through Mentoring and other facilitated activities
  • Being part of a disadvantaged young person’s development
  • Having a young person contribute to the workplace, assisting with project-based and entry-level task
  • Alignment to corporate social responsibility policies
  • Alignment to recruiting policies

This program is the start of a bright professional career and you have the opportunity to partner in this life changing experience.

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