Doxa aims to provide positive life experiences for young people experiencing disadvantage by conducting year-round camps at both its Malmsbury and City locations.


It is the goal of Doxa to run camps for our target cohort during the school terms, all year round.

At the times when the target cohort does not usually book, for example weekends, school holidays and public holidays, Doxa’s Malmsbury Camp may be made available to other community groups which work with disadvantaged youth.

Doxa’s constitution defines “disadvantaged youth” as “Children and young people who suffer from financial or social disadvantage and who are underprivileged by reason of being from a low-income family, experiencing neglect due to dysfunctional domestic conditions, having a disability or ill-health, being severely deprived of opportunities otherwise available to children and young people such as the opportunity for personal growth and safe and healthy relationships with adults, or being otherwise exposed to hardship and misfortune.”


Doxa provides camps for students from the neediest schools. Specifically, our target cohort is the top 10% of Victoria’s neediest schools.

In this context, ‘neediest’ means those schools which are ranked 1-155 (Government) and 1-72 (non-Government) by Student Family Occupation and Education (SFOE) ranking. The school which is ranked #1 is the neediest school in Victoria.

Booking Process

Our booking priority policy is summarised in the table below:

1 10% schools (by SFOE ranking) 10% schools (by SFOE ranking) + 11-20% schools that are over 200kms from Melbourne CBD
2 11-20% schools (by SFOE ranking) 11-20% schools (by SFOE ranking) + 21-30% schools that are over 200kms from Melbourne CBD
3 21-30% schools (by SFOE ranking) 21-30% schools (by SFOE ranking) + schools with ICSEA <1000 and  are over 200kms from Melbourne CBD
4 Community and other Not for profit groups Malmsbury only / City camp – not available

School Bookings

Malmsbury Camp will continue to prioritise schools from Doxa’s target cohort.

City Camp will continue to prioritise regional schools from Doxa’s target cohort ahead of other metropolitan schools.

From March each year, Doxa will make contact with those schools that are ranked in the target cohort (10% neediest schools) and invite them to book for the following year. Schools in this cohort will retain the exclusive right to book until the end of Term 2.

At the commencement of Term 3, schools ranked 155 – 310 (Government) and 72 – 144 (non-Government) ie 11-20% neediest, will also be invited to book.

At the commencement of Term 4, schools ranked 310 – 465 (Government) and 144 – 216 (non-Government) ie 21-30% neediest, will be invited to book to fill all remaining bookings for the following year.

Note that the table above addresses order of priority, however any late expressions of interest from schools in Doxa’s target cohort will continue to be prioritised.

New SFOE rankings are released each year. These rankings will determine the schools that fall within the bookings priority process for the following year.


Doxa’s Malmsbury Camp is available for use by Community and not-for profit groups that fit within Doxa’s definition of disadvantaged youth.

The camp will be made available for these groups only on weekends or public holidays where the camp has not been booked by a school from Doxa’s target cohort.

These groups may also be granted access to camps during weeks within the school term in cases where schools make last minute cancellations, and despite best efforts, the camp cannot be filled by the schools from within the 30% neediest.

A special exception will be made for RYLA district 9790, which presently books for one week, during term 4. This exception is made on the grounds that the participants of RYLA are from within Doxa’s definition of “disadvantaged youth” and we have formed an outstanding partnership over the course of the last three years. This group also represents a large portion of Malmsbury Camp’s unrestricted revenue.


The following general exclusions will apply:

  1. Community, family groups or other organisations that are outside Doxa’s definition of disadvantaged youth.
  2. Schools: Any school that is ranked outside the top 30% neediest ranked by SFOE data for that year.

Schools can make an application for special consideration for a camp booking with the Camp Manager. It is at the discretion of the Camp Manager whether a booking is accepted.


Please contact us if you would like more information about our programs or if you have an interest in getting involved