Doxa Cadet and RMIT student Arif Hazara has been selected as a part of the Australian delegation at the UNHCR negotiations with NGOs in Geneva this June. He will represent Australia in a forum that discusses rights and issues around refugees in the global landscape today.

A passionate youth advocate for asylum seeker and refugee rights, Arif regularly volunteers with local community groups, speaking at conferences and dedicating his time to advocacy alongside his university studies at RMIT and full time work as Assistant Accountant at Dennis Family Homes.

His story of greatness is inspirational. Find out more by watching the video below.

Local media spotlight

Greater Dandenong Leader (left) and Dandenong Journal (right) have both interviewed Arif and written the articles below. Click to enlarge and read:

DandenongLeader - Representing refugees - Arif Hazara

Dandenong Leader article ‘Representing refugees’

UNHCR for refugees

Arif article – making the most of chance to achieve