In 2023, the Doxa Youth Foundation’s Cadetship Program celebrated its 30th Anniversary. Over the past three decades, more than 500 cadets have participated in the program which has equipped candidates to develop both personally and professionally. The sponsor companies that supported the program have provided invaluable mentorship and life-changing opportunities to the Doxa Cadets. Without the unwavering support of our sponsors throughout these 30 years, the program would not have thrived, and the hundreds of Doxa Cadets who successfully completed the program might not have experienced the transformative journey and outcomes they received.

The 30th Anniversary celebration took place on November 30, 2023. It was a delightful evening attended by alumni, cadets, sponsors, and staff. The atmosphere buzzed with connections, both new and old. David Lugton, the Doxa Cadetship Manager, addressed the gathering, followed by a heartfelt speech from one of the program’s pioneers, Hakki Semirli. Hakki, who graduated from the program in the mid-’90s with a Bachelor of Medicine, shared inspiring words. As we continue to nurture the program for future participants, we hope these connections between cadets, old and new, will flourish. You can find more photos of the event on Instagram or Facebook. Follow us to stay informed about upcoming news and events!