International basketball player Chris Anstey came out of retirement for one morning only as part of a volunteer project with young Victorians at the award-winning Doxa’s Malmsbury camp.

The 7ft tall b-ball hot shot ran a one-off sports clinic at the Doxa camp in Malmsbury, teaching a group of grade 5-6 students from right across Victoria the basics of the game and giving them tips and tactics to become future basketball greats.

The children attending the Doxa Holiday camp come from a range of challenging life circumstances and many will have never visited rural Victoria before.  Many lack positive role models within their lives.

The aim of the sports clinic was to give the children an insight into the importance of teamwork and develop their resilience and confidence, both on and off the pitch.

Chris Anstey says: Young people are so often asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?”  When you’re 10 years old the answer will be different from when you’re 15 or even 20 years but the secret to success, in my opinion, is to enjoy what you do, take every opportunity and try anything once.  Every young person deserves the opportunity to dream big and enjoyed sharing my basketball journey with the young people at the Doxa Summer Camp and hopefully inspiring some future players along the way!”

Daniel Findley, Doxa Chief Executive Officer, Doxa says: “The Doxa summer camp at Malmsbury is held each year in the first weeks of January and is aimed at giving over 200 young people the chance to participate in team building activities, adventure activities, sports and outdoor pursuits. Whilst gaining new skills is certainly a part of the program, fun is also a big focus and the program offers access to experiences that peers receive.”

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