12 business-minded young achievers. They’re motivated. They’re talented. They’ve got a place at uni. And they’re incredibly tenacious – they’ve overcome enormous barriers on their pursuit to stay engaged in education. They’re studying degrees in: STEM, Business, Finance, Law and Arts. All they need is a sponsor company to back them, so they can complete their education, realise their professional career goals and pursue their dreams.

We have shortlisted these future stars from a diverse range of challenging backgrounds from across Victoria for our 2018 Cadetship program. We are now looking for corporates to partner with to create a life-changing experience for these young people experiencing disadvantage.

That’s where you come in.

CSR-aligned social investment opportunity

This CSR-aligned social investment opportunity means that your company will have:

  • A talented university undergraduate working for you for up to 8 weeks per year for 3-5 years
  • An opportunity for skilled volunteering/mentoring for your existing staff

Our support 

And we’ve made it easy for you. We provide you with a shortlist of talented applicants, on-boarding support, mentoring support and admin assistance. Your company provides a work placement, Doxa provides the support, and we partner to create a life changing opportunity. We are with you every step of the way to make it a valuable experience for all involved.

Who you’ll be working with: diversity & inclusion

You’ll be working with some truly impressive young people who are equipped with the drive, resilience and growth mindset to succeed and navigate the workplace of the future. Many have faced socio-economic disadvantage, others have come from a refugee/asylum seeker background and some have come from rural/regional Victoria. Overcoming hardship has given them the determination and drive to succeed.

Be part of the solution

The challenge we face is that we have 12 incredible young people from our shortlist to place at sponsor companies by mid-April. We need your assistance to provide the solution. Get involved and become a Cadetship sponsor company today.

Let’s talk. Please contact Michael Walter, Cadetship Program Manager or Kumari Fernando, GM, Development Programs today to find out more:  / or call 03 9046 8200