Victorian not-for-profit, Doxa is seeking to partner with businesses across Victoria as part of their flagship employment pathways Cadetship Program.

Doxa has selected 12 business-minded young achievers from a diverse range of backgrounds for Cadetship. These individuals are motivated, talented, tenacious and have overcome enormous barriers in their pursuit to stay engaged in education. 44% are studying a STEM subject at university, 29% are studying Business, 13% Finance, 9% Law and 5% an Arts degree.

This CSR-aligned social investment opportunity offers Program Partners a talented undergraduate as part of their team; skilled volunteering opportunities for existing staff; and a chance to change the life of a high-achieving young Australian from a disadvantaged background.

Doxa supports Cadetship Program Partners by providing a shortlist of talented applicants relevant to their sector; building a learning and development framework; providing mentoring; and recruitment support as well as on-boarding advice.

Doxa CEO, Steve Clifford, said that: “We have a diverse range of Cadets all in great need. 51% live off a family income of below $30,000 per annum, 24% are refugees/newly arrived migrants, 18% come from rural/regional areas. These young people are experiencing significant disadvantage. They don’t have the social capital, financial support or professional networks that you and I had.”

“What they do have is the skills, growth mindset and incredible drive to succeed in business and in life. But they need your help in order to achieve this,” he said.

“We currently have 12 young people left to place this year by mid-April, and that’s why we are calling out for organisations with a focus on STEM, Business, Finance, Law and Arts to partner with us and join us on the journey.”

Since 1993, more than 400 young people have participated in the Doxa Cadetship Program. It is open to Year 12 students transitioning into university and is a three to five-year program, depending on the length of the degree the student is undertaking.

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Media Contact: Belinda Rowse, Public Relations Officer, Doxa
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