Our Future Focus program for students in Years 7 – 8 was introduced last year thanks to funding from the Colonial Foundation.

Future Focus_Participants

Ty and Kobe (right) learning about their communication types

The program runs for two years and seeks to connect young people to schooling and assist them with the knowledge and skills to tackle the issues relevant to early adolescence.

Kobe, a Year 7 student, spoke at the inaugural Awards night and it’s truly inspiring to see the impact the workshops are having on this young man’s journey towards finishing school and reaching his dreams.

“I may be a boy in the western suburbs, but that can’t stop me. I may be 13, but that can’t stop me. I may be small, but that can’t stop me.

Because I have the right mind set. Because I believe in myself. Because I can do anything. Because I am a dreamer.

I will, I know I will.

Before this camp, I never ever thought like that, like this. Before Sange Carters talk. I never thought like that.

Her class taught me so much. It inspired me… so much. I took a lot from that class. But the main thing I took from that class was… I want to be like that.

Straight after that session, I thought to myself. How can I, what if, that would. All this stuff that I had never thought of, just made sense like clicking your fingers. It was like my mind had just discovered another world. I thought about my dream job, as an architect in whole different level. I wanted to find out more. So I organised to speak with an architect, and it was one of the best things I have ever done.”

Kobe, Year 7 participant in Future Focus.