We need people like you

Money raised through individual fundraising will have an incredible effect on the lives of the disadvantaged young people who participate in our programs. There are heaps of ways to raise money for Doxa.

We recommend that you keep it fun, so we’ve put together a few ideas that give you an idea of what works.

Breakfast / lunch / dinner / movie night

This is great for corporate audiences. You can create a theme for the event, get really creative with specific fundraising measures, and it’s a great opportunity for people to broaden their professional and social networks.

Hold a sale

This might be unwanted items that you’re thinking of throwing out, or it could be putting your skills to use and selling something you’ve created or can supply. This is a great way of getting colleagues involved too, where you can pool your resources and add value to your activity!

Healthy competition

A fun run, golf day, or ride-to-work day are all great ways of getting people involved, plus it’s great for physical and mental health!

Use crowdfunding

If your fundraising activity relies on small individual donations, using a crowdfunding platform is a great way to increase your effectiveness. Share your campaign with your social media networks (and we’ll do the same with ours!).