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Shepparton News – Cadetship Program

Publication Shepparton News Program Cadetship Summary Carly Mohamed is 19 year old from rural Victoria. Through Doxa’s Cadetship program and her placement at PwC Indigenous Consulting she has found that the corporate world can be a place to belong. Read the full article here
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Exploring Kakadu with young Indigenous crew

Our City Camp Manager, Dave Ciavarella, was recently invited to assist on an expedition with young Indigenous people from the Northern Territory as part of the Foundation of Young Australian’s IMPACT program.  Needless to say, we were delighted to be asked to be part o...
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What’s NAIDOC Week all about?

Our office just returned from the flag raising ceremony that marks the beginning of NAIDOC week. My news feed is flooded with “Happy NAIDOC,” and cute photos about events. Maybe yours is too or you’ve noticed a few flags flying and you’re not sure what the deal is so I thought it...
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My name is Taylah, and this is my story

When I was asked to write this post, I debated about what I would write for days, I struggled to string together a single sentence without deleting it. I slowly realised that I am trying to write about myself in a way that would be appropriate and well received but I couldn’t do...
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