We are delighted to announce that we have launched our first-ever ‘Innovate’ Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). This is a significant milestone in our journey towards reconciliation, and has been a fantastic collective effort from Doxa Youth Foundation staff members, and our external advisers, over the last two years. 

Our vision for reconciliation

Doxa Youth Foundation’s vision for reconciliation is that as a society, Australia recognises, respects and values the cultures, histories and identities of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples. We strive to work together, with our Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander brothers and sisters, towards a just and equitable Australia that is free from prejudice, oppression and injustice. As an organisation addressing disadvantage and inequity in Victoria, we aim to provide Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander young peoples in Victoria with the support and opportunities to achieve their full potential in education and employment. We also commit to giving them the positive life experiences that they may not otherwise have access to. Our vision for reconciliation is one that welcomes Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples into our organisation and programs, celebrates their contribution and values their skills, knowledge and experiences.

Our ‘Innovate’ RAP [click the image below to download & read]

About the artwork

Title of Image: Being Aware
Date created: 2013
Artist: Garry Scott


This goanna is carefully placing his feet on safe areas as he makes his journey through life. The meeting places and campsites he is stepping on are positive places to be at in regards to his well-being. I painted this at a time in my life when I had to be very careful where I was going and who I was around. The handprints are mine; they represent me helping my self. I had to look inside myself in order to make change for a better lifestyle.

Artist bio:

Garry Scott is an emerging Aboriginal artist who has experienced many challenges throughout his life. Whilst incarcerated, Garry decided to explore and connect to his culture by making art. He uses his art and culture as the foundation to look at where he has been and where he wants to be in his life. Through painting he has found the focus and strength to change his lifestyle and walk a positive path, including passing on his new found knowledge and skills to his children.

Many thanks to everyone who has been part of the Doxa Youth Foundation RAP Working Group, past and present. We look forward to implementing these actions as we continue to develop our respect, relationships and opportunities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.