A new program has been launched in Victoria to address some of the barriers of youth unemployment by assisting disadvantaged young people gain the valuable, practical skills they need to increase their chances of getting a foothold in today’s competitive job market.

Not-for-profit organisation, Doxa has launched Future Insights, targeting first and second year university students. Through the program, young people learn to become better equipped with important, professional skills that employers look for in a job candidate.

The program is delivered over three sessions and helps participants work on skills including personal branding, networking, communication and teambuilding.  At the end of the program, students will have a trusted professional network, gain unique insight into specific industries and have access to the right tools they need to find a professional mentor.

Doxa CEO, Dr Stephen Silk, said in today’s workforce environment young people are required to have an agile and versatile skillset to compete for valuable employment opportunities.

“Gone are the days where people were hired to do just one job. In the current competitive and fast-paced working environment, young people are expected to be more flexible and adaptable than ever before when it comes to their roles and skillsets,” he said.

Youth unemployment continues to be a major issue within Australia, with statistics showing no signs of improvement, leaving many young people feeling bleak about their futures.

“The number of unemployed young people across Australia remains at critical levels. Young Victorians face many hurdles when it comes to finding work after they graduate from university, and it’s even more difficult for disadvantaged young Victorians who have little to no access to resources including trusted mentors and professional connections,” Dr Silk said.

“Families and people with lower socio-economic backgrounds often have poor access to education and have fewer opportunities to seek on-the-job training and develop solid networks.

“Doxa is committed to investing in young people obtain not only valuable education, but also meaningful employment once they graduate from university. We created this program because we know that young people have so much potential and we want to help them realise that. They are the ones shaping our futures and we want to help them overcome the barriers they face,” he said.

Doxa is a Victorian not-for-profit organisation that provides programs for young people so that everyone can access positive life experiences, educational opportunities and employment pathways.

To get involved or for more information on Doxa’s Future Insights program, visit www.doxa.org.au.


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