Doxa Cadet Amier makes his statement to create a positive impact in the world

I am Amier Safaei. I’m 22 years old and currently in my third year studying Accounting and Marketing at Monash University. I am a proud Doxa Cadet.  In addition to my studies, my work placement at the Melbourne Racing Club, I was recently selected to be part of the team at Centre for Multicultural Youth‘s #Go4It social media project.

How did you get involved with #Go4It?

As I was checking my emails one day, I received an email from Doxa and it was about opportunities available at Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY). I was really interested and looked through and saw a 4-day program for young people from a refugee/newly arrived migrant background, called “Be Seen, Be Heard”, which was around using social media for positive change. I participated in the program and learnt a lot about how to run a social media campaign; it was an amazing experience. From there, they selected some of the participants to actually design and run a social media campaign. I was lucky enough to get selected, which was super exciting.

Working with the team at CMY on the #Go4It Campaign

What have you achieved in the campaign?

Working with a bunch of super talented and young people, we worked hard to design and implement the #GO4IT campaign across Facebook (we set up our own page and have got over 500 likes already!) and we’ve also taken over the CMY Instagram to deliver our message.

“The key message we want to spread is to inspire young people to follow their passions and take that leap of faith and overcome the challenges and do what we love.”

Ultimately, we aim to empower young people and encourage them to pursue their passions by sharing stories from other young people who have done something inspiring and motivate others, so that they can too. The idea behind the name is that sometimes in order to live your dreams, you just have to “Go For It” or #Go4It.

CMY’s #Go4It campaign which Amier has been working on

Why did you sign up for the project?

The reason that I got involved was that I am really passionate about making a positive impact in the world, and by being part of this great campaign, I can do my part in making a better world.

“It is a message of positivity which I really believe in, and I think we need more of it in today’s world that can be full of negativity.”

In addition, this opportunity has also allowed me to experience and learn new things and step out of my comfort zone to do what I love and develop myself. I also believe, in order for me to grow, I need to do more activities to learn and experience and follow my passion and just #GO4IT.

Check out our campaign over on Facebook. We would really appreciate your support. Click here > #GO4IT