Getting through university and into a job can be tough.  And if a student is new to a city or hasn’t got an established network it can be even tougher.  On top of this there are bills to pay and study to get through.

Doxa’s Cadetship Program supports young people to complete university and gain the skills for an employable future and success in the professional world.

Cadetships are open to young people with challenging life circumstances who have finished high school and are about to go to university. These young people have secured a place at university but are facing significant barriers.

Everyone is different, but this could be financial difficulty, family trauma, being culturally and/or linguistically diverse, being from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background, or a refugee and/or migrant background.

Since 1993, around 500 young people have participated in the Doxa Cadetship Program.

It is a program that supports young people through university and is one of the most intensive support programs available to disadvantaged undergraduates within the sector.

Doxa CEO, Steve Clifford, said that: “We have a diverse range of students all in great need.  These young people are experiencing, and have experienced, significant disadvantage in their lives. Many are the first in their family to attend university; most are supplementing studies with part-time work. They simply don’t have the social capital, financial support or professional networks that you and I had.”

“What they do have is the skills, a growth mindset and incredible drive to succeed in business and in life. But they need your help in order to achieve this.

“We are calling out for all Melbourne-based organisations – everyone from a corporate big 4 to small, independent start-ups – to take on a Doxa Cadet this year.”

Corporate partners support the program by providing an annual flexible work placement (up to eight weeks per annum) with staff from sponsor companies participating as Mentors, supporting and guiding their Cadet to navigate the world of work.

This CSR-aligned social investment opportunity offers corporate partners a talented undergraduate as part of their team, skilled volunteering opportunities for existing staff and a chance to change the life of a high achieving young person from a disadvantaged background.

Doxa supports corporate partners by: providing a shortlist of talented applicants relevant to their sector; running professional development workshops and networking opportunities throughout the year; building a learning and development framework; providing mentoring and recruitment support, as well as on-boarding advice.

“We see key trends in areas of study each year and in 2019, our students are predominantly studying Business, Commerce, Health and Finance. They’re smart, tech-savvy, entrepreneurial Gen Z-ers. They want to change the world. Are you ready to be a part of their future? Then partner with us and join us on the journey,” said Clifford.

The Cadetship program is part of Doxa’s portfolio, a series of programs from grade 5 to university that dovetail together and support educational attainment while also offering practical skills and experience to assist in a young person’s journey towards meaningful employment.

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About Doxa

Doxa is a Victorian not-for-profit organisation that provides programs for disadvantaged young people so that they can access positive life experiences, education opportunities and employment pathways. Doxa has been around since 1972 and their programs support over 8,000 young Victorians – typically aged eight to 24 years old – each year. Every young person they interact with has a different set of life circumstances.  Doxa’s aim is to ensure that all young people enjoy enriching experiences, educational opportunity and advancement.

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