Year 12 UPP students participating in the Tripod Enterprise Skills session with Betsy Tolmer

“Enterprise Skills” are a buzzword at the moment. But what are they all about? Fundamentally, they’re about knowing your key strengths and understanding how market them to ensure success in the future.  In January, Betsy Tolmer from Tripod facilitated a workshop with our Year 12 University Pathways Program (UPP) students on the concept of Enterprise Skills.  Our man on the ground, UPP student Josh Cordina was there to report back with 5 things he learnt during the session. 

The University Pathways Program session on ‘Enterprise Skills’ allowed me to gain many valuable new skills and information, here are just a few!

1) Teamwork

I was able to refine my teamwork skills through an engaging small group tasks and doing ‘The Big Pitch’ where I was able to try my hand at contributing to the design of a new company. Working with the friends at I had met on UPP over the past few years made this a very entertaining time, as we all enjoyed working with each other’s ideas and practicing teamwork. 🙂

Cookie face – a fun game where company representatives worked to get a cookie from their foreheads into their mouths

2) Elevator Pitch

Refining my skills in giving an ‘elevator pitch’ was another key learning from the session. I managed to create a succinct 30 second introduction that allows you to let a new contact find out the key information about you. The practical advice they gave on how to approach this task made it fun and engaging, whilst also being incredibly useful.

3) Enterprise Skills

Another key take away was the value of enterprise skills, such as digital literacy and presentation skills. Knowing how these compliment formal education reaffirmed the importance of having a balanced education, and has inspired me to seize opportunities to refine them.

Betsy presenting on the importance of developing enterprising skills for jobs of the future

4) Future Of Work

In addition, the workshop informed us about the future of work, and changes to industry setups. This prepared us for what our career paths might look like, and warded off any fears of having a dynamic career.

5) Inspiration

I came away from the Enterprise Skills session inspired and determined to get the most out of opportunities, be they in school, workplaces or the community and to get the best for others and ourselves. This is because the facilitator encouraged us to take pride in what we do, whilst still making valuable contributions.

All in all, I found the experience entertaining with engaging presentations about our future in employment. It also taught us valuable enterprise skills to help make the most of it. I thoroughly enjoyed this session.