Young newly arrived and refugee students will be given the opportunity to build a positive life for themselves in Australia thanks to Doxa Youth Foundation’s Strong New Futures program.

Launching this week (11th – 13th October), the Strong New Futures program aims to connect a group of newly arrived young people from Noble Park Secondary College to education, culture and country.

The first part of the program takes the young people out to Kooyoora State Park in central Victoria where they participate in a three-day outdoor expedition. This gives them the unique opportunity to build teamwork skills, communication skills and the chance to improve their conversational English outside the confines of a classroom.

The second part of the program is a follow up in-school workshop which will provide an insight and exploration into the skills and practical knowledge for further study and to support a transition to employment.

Young newly arrived and refugee students face considerable hardship and disruption to their education and are often several years behind peers. They also face higher rates of unemployment – only 33% find work versus 71% if Australian youth. Doxa Youth Foundation aims to address this disadvantage through the skills and opportunities available in their Strong New Futures program.

Strong New Futures is funded by Gandel Philanthropy and Perpetual.



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